Recruitment of a Training Provider for English Training and Certification at King Faisal Hospital Rwanda

King Faisal Hospital Rwanda Foundation (KFHRF)

The King Faisal Hospital Rwanda Foundation is currently at its beginning stage following an action plan that was approved by the hospital in October, 2020. Within the health domain, the Foundation’s major objectives will be to support researchers through funding, training and facilitation in dissemination of research data, establishing strategic relationships with academic, research-driven and research sponsoring institutions and supporting training for medical researchers. As part of a social welfare that constitutes an integral part of the foundation, the hospital will financially assist patients who cannot afford medical care and will continue to sensitize the public on NCDs, congenital and surgical diseases for prevention and early consultation. Furthermore, the foundation will support surgical camps/outreach within the country in a bid to reduce long waiting lists in teaching hospitals. Finally, within the education domain, the foundation will be promoting new learning tools including e-learning and support Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Request for Proposals: Recruitment of a Training Provider for English Training and Certification at King Faisal Hospital Rwanda 

Date of Issue: Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Deadline for Submission: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 23:59 CAT 

As Rwanda continues to strengthen its health workforce, one of the critical interventions to ensure an adequate number of health professionals and support staff possess the highly specialized skills required involves training opportunities. These training needs encompass various health professionals, including doctors, nurses,allied health professionals and support staff, essential for supporting the rapid expansion of specialized medical service provision in Rwanda. Furthermore, King Faisal Hospital Rwanda (KFH) is embarking on an extensive expansion plan over the next five years to enhance the availability of highly specialized medical services, reduce medical referrals abroad, and promote medical tourism. 

In alignment with these goals and its comprehensive training plan, it is imperative to equip KFH staff with English language training and communication skills. Therefore, the King Faisal Hospital Rwanda Foundation (KFHRF), in collaboration with KFH as its beneficiary, is soliciting the services of an accredited English training institute to provide training and certification for its staff. 

Description of Assignment

The selected English training institute is responsible for the following:

Delivering in-person English language training to a cohort of KFH staff.

Providing all associated training materials, granting participants full access.

Ensuring that participants acquire the necessary skills to engage in professional conversations. 

Training Provider Requirements

Eligible training providers must meet the following criteria:

Possess a minimum of five years of professional experience in English language training.

Be an accredited institution, with documented proof of accreditation.

Be based in Rwanda 

Submission Requirements

    Eligible proposals must include the following information for consideration:

    Financial Proposal, including a comprehensive breakdown of all costs.

    Technical proposal, outlining the training approach, training curriculum, and training schedule.

    Proof of institutional accreditation

    CVs of the trainer(s) responsible for delivering the training, along with proof of accreditation.

    Validity period of the offer.

    Copies of the company’s tax clearance certificate, VAT registration, and trading license.

    Three reference letters from organizations where similar assignments were successfully executed.

    Proposals should be submitted in English, addressed to the Executive Secretary, and sent to and by Tuesday, October 24th, 2023, at 23:59 Central Africa Time (CAT). Please note that this letter is not a binding contract. 

      Done in Kigali, Rwanda, on October 3, 2023.

      Ms. Kara Neil

      Executive Secretary

      King Faisal Hospital Rwanda Foundation

      Dr. Zerihun Abebe

      Chief Executive Officer

      King Faisal Hospital Rwanda