Traveling to a foreign country for a medical procedure or treatment should not be stressful for the patient or the caregiver (medical escort). To receive the proper care, you must coordinate with medical professionals, take all necessary precautions, and arrange for travel. We at King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda, are aware of the trauma you or a loved one may be experiencing. We have developed a procedure to lessen the strain of getting medical treatment in Rwanda.

First, we set up a line of communication between our specialists and you. Understand who will be treating you and become familiar with the processes you will go through. Second, our customer care representatives will advise you on all your visa and other travel arrangements based on the specialists’ recommendations. Third, we ensure your travel itenary and treatment schedules are synchronized and guarantee you receive exceptional care from the medical staff and specialists even while hospitalized. Finally, we set up post-treatment lines of communication to ensure our patients successfully recover and consult with our specialists after they return to their respective countries.

We believe supporting and assisting international patients makes their medical journey less stressful and more successful.

To learn more, speak with our customer care representative!

 International visitors can book an appointment by dialing our toll-free line: 3937 or International Whatsapp Call :+250788384877 .