Welcome to the Laboratory (Pathology Services) at King Faisal Hospital Rwanda. Our laboratory is staffed by highly skilled pathologists, medical technologists, and laboratory professionals dedicated to providing accurate and timely diagnostic testing services.

Our Laboratory Services offer a range of diagnostic testing services, including:

  • Hematology: Our hematology services provide diagnostic testing for blood disorders, including anemia, leukemia, and clotting disorders.
  • Clinical Chemistry: Our clinical chemistry services provide diagnostic testing for various medical conditions, including liver and kidney function, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.
  • Microbiology: Our microbiology services provide diagnostic testing for infectious diseases, including bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.
  • Immunology: Our immunology services provide diagnostic testing for immune system disorders, including allergies and autoimmune diseases.
  • Histology: Our histology services provide diagnostic testing for tissue samples, including biopsies and surgical specimens.

Our laboratory is equipped with world-class equipment to perform a wide range of pathology tests, which specialized pathologists and senior laboratory scientists with a broad range of expertise in hematopathology, cytopathology, and kidney pathology interpretation.

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