KFH Education And Training Website Template

The education and training directorate delivers education and training programs for healthcare professionals in Rwanda and the surrounding region. The Directorate offers various programs, including nursing and midwifery training, residency and fellowship programs, and continuing medical education (CME) programs. It also supports the development of curricula and the delivery of educational resources to healthcare professionals.

The Directorate of education and training specifically focuses on:

  • Promoting an outstanding clinical learning environment based on the principles of high quality and safe care for patients and families and serving as a liaison between the Education Provider Institutions and the hospital.
  • Initiating and encouraging the hospital staff to engage in academic and contract research activities.
  • Promoting capacity-building initiatives for staff development by organizing regular seminars, training, and courses.
  • Planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the execution of planned continuous professional development, education, and research activities in the hospital.
  • Creating opportunities for networking and collaborative links between the hospital and other institutions with similar objectives in and out of the country.

Prospective students who want to do their observer ship or internship/ clerkship at KFHR are in two categories:

1. Observer ship: Students who aspire to join the medical school usually called pre-medicine can apply for clinical observer ship at KFHR.

2. Internship: This refers to undergraduate (Medical students, pharmacy, nurses & midwives, and allied health sciences) and postgraduate (residents and fellows) who are still under training and registered at a recognized and accredited university in Rwanda or outside the country. They work under the supervision of consultants and other clinical mentors.

Before starting their internship, they should apply for a clinical placement at KFHR through the clinical education portal.

To apply for clinical placement ( Observer ship, Internship and fellowship), please submit your request through this :


1. Applicant submission form

2. Request Letter addressed to the CEO of the Hospital

3. Recommendation Letter from the applicant institution

4. Passport/ ID copy

5.Student card

5. Clinical placement Objectives

6. Proof of Payment for the first month of the placement as per the clinical placement policy

For questions or clarification related to education and training, please send your request to


For students (undergraduates and postgraduates) from universities that have signed an MoU with KFHR such as the University of Rwanda, they will be required to submit their clinical placement rotation plans and clinical placement objectives through the portal. Their institution will apply on their behalf; however, they will be required to log in to the system and sign the internship agreement and read and understand the rules and regulations of the hospitals.

For questions or clarification related to education and training, please send your request to