King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda, “A center of excellence in health service provision, clinical education and research”. This is an exciting time for King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda as we embrace a new strategic direction. The hospital has continued to grow due to its positive reputation for authentic compassionate health care and highly skilled medical practitioners, especially in specialized surgical and medical services.

King Faisal Hospital Kigali is looking for suitable candidate to fill the following position.




1. A Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration.

2.Master’s degree in Finance or Business Administration is an added advantage.

Professional Certification:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is preferable but having intermediate level (or level 2) is necessary.


Minimum of 7 years of accounting experience, including at least three years of auditing.


Healthcare Accounting Knowledge: Understanding of healthcare-specific accounting principles, regulations, and standards relevant to the healthcare industry.

Financial Software Proficiency: Familiarity and proficiency in using accounting software and financial management systems relevant to healthcare accounting practices.

Financial Reporting: Ability to prepare, analyze, and present accurate and timely financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Budget Management: Proficiency in developing, monitoring, and managing budgets, ensuring adherence to financial objectives and organizational goals.

Auditing and Compliance: Strong knowledge of auditing procedures, compliance standards, and regulatory requirements within the healthcare finance domain.

Team Leadership: Demonstrated leadership and managerial skills to lead accounting teams, manage workflows, and foster a culture of excellence and accountability.

Analytical Skills: Strong analytical abilities to interpret financial data, identify trends, and provide insights for informed decision-making.

Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy in financial record-keeping and documentation.

Communication: Effective communication skills to liaise with internal stakeholders, department heads, and external auditors, conveying complex financial information clearly and concisely.

Problem-solving: Ability to identify accounting issues, analyze root causes, and develop effective solutions to address financial challenges.

Ethical Standards: Commitment to maintaining high ethical standards in financial practices, ensuring compliance and integrity in all accounting processes.


Team Leadership and Development:

Manage accounting staff, providing guidance and mentoring to foster professional growth.

Conduct performance evaluations, provide feedback, and support staff development and training initiatives.

Provide ongoing coaching, mentorship, and performance evaluations to ensure staff effectiveness and productivity.

Foster a collaborative and productive work environment.

Accounts Payable Management:

Supervise the accounts payable team, ensuring timely and accurate processing of invoices and expense reports.

Review vendor payments and ensuring compliance with hospital policies.

Develop and maintain relationships with suppliers and solve payment issues.

Ensure that all relevant payable reports are accurate and updated on time.

Accounts Receivable Management:

Supervise the accounts receivable team, ensuring timely and accurate processing of invoices and customer reports.

Monitor and manage outstanding accounts, implementing collection strategies to minimize bad debt and improve cash flow.

Collaborate with revenue cycle management teams to identify and address billing and coding issues.

Ensure that all relevant Receivable reports are accurate and updated on time.

Review and approve all receivable journals to be made to the system.

Treasury Management:

Manage the hospital’s cash flow and liquidity, optimizing the use of available funds.

Implement cash management strategies to ensure adequate funds for operational needs and investments.

Monitor and forecast cash flows, recommending short-term and long-term investment opportunities.

Approve petty cash request and patient refund.

Review and approve the petty cash report and refund report.

Review and approve the monthly bank reconciliation.

Review and Approve daily cash collection, daily global fund and catering sales report.

Fixed Asset Management:

Review and ensure fixed asset register is updated with all acquisitions, disposals, and depreciation.

Ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements related to fixed assets.

Ensure periodic physical audits and reconcile physical assets with accounting records is performed.

General ledger

Review and approve all journals before posting.

Ensure general ledger is updated.

Tax compliance

Ensure taxes and other statutory payroll deductions are paid on time.

Ensure CIT and other relevant taxes are computed and paid on time.

Financial Reporting and Compliance:

Prepare financial reports to be reviewed by the Finance Director.

Ensure compliance with relevant accounting standards, laws, and regulations, such as IFRS and healthcare-specific regulations.

Assist with internal and external audits, responding to auditor inquiries and implementing audit recommendations.

Ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements and adhere to reporting deadlines.

Liaise with other units within the finance division and other divisions in the Hospital to ensure everything has been accurately reported with the finance statements and other reports.

Join us and take on the challenge to provide Patient Cantered Care!

How to Apply?

Submit your application through the link above:

Qualified candidates should send their Cover letter, Curriculum vitae, academic credentials, Copy of National ID and recommendation letter(s) from previous employer(s) addressed to the Chief Executive Officer to the above mentioned link by May 22nd 2024.

KFH, R is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.


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