Accreditation Journey

King Faisal Hospital Kigali’s excellence is based on quality programs and International standards for patient care quality and safety accredited by COHSASA, an accrediting body based in Cape Town that runs a healthcare accreditation which is also accredited by ISQua which is the international society for Quality in healthcare. The standards provide a tool to achieve service delivery, but also provide a systematic measurement of management, training and equipment shortfalls.

King Faisal Hospital, Kigali formal quality improvement program was jointly initiated by the hospital management and the Ministry of Health in January 2005.  Healthcare Quality Solutions consulting (HQS) was engaged to assist in the implementation of the program, with a special focus in preparing the hospital to enter a formal accreditation program. This preparation included an introduction to quality and accreditation of health services for the Board of Directors (BoD), Senior Hospital Management and to all staff.

Initially, senior staff underwent training in the basic principles and fundamentals of quality assurance in healthcare, as well as other necessary training that strengthens the understanding of improvements in health services.

An external survey to assess where we were as opposed to where we had to be was conducted by COHSASA, based on its standards, in March 2006. Assessment of the hospital’s level of compliance with the accreditation standards during its entry into the accreditation program provides the baseline from which to measure progress throughout the program.

Following this initial external survey in 2006 at the entry into the COHSASA accreditation under the facilitation program of HQS, several surveys both internal and external were done. The Hospital gradually improved and got excellent results that led to accreditation.

The hospital made a substantial progress from 41% in March 2006 at the first baseline survey to 99% in January 2011 at external survey. This earned the hospital its first accreditation of 2 years as recognition for the progress made and was awarded a certificate for achieving substantial compliance with international professional standards.

In 2013, KFH, K was re-accredited for 3 years after getting a score of 99% and re-accredited for another 3 years in 2016 with score of 98% which lapsed in September 2019 but the date was extended to March 2020 due to special circumstances surrounding changes in the governance and contractual arrangements for management of the facility.

A 4 year accreditation achieved in May, 2020 with score of 98%!! This is the first four year accreditation for King Faisal Hospital with an expected Interim Survey anytime to demonstrate that we have mechanisms in place to confirm that there is ongoing compliance with the standards and continuous quality improvement in accredited facilities.

We take pride in being the only private hospital in the region to be accredited by the Council for health service accreditation Southern Africa (COHSASA) four consecutive times.

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