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King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda, “A center of excellence in health service provision, clinical education, and research”.

This is an exciting time for King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda as we embrace a new strategic direction.

The hospital has continued to grow due to its positive reputation for authentic compassionate health care and highly skilled medical practitioners, especially in specialized surgical and medical services.

King Faisal Hospital Kigali is looking for suitable candidate to fill the following positions

1. Hostess                                                EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE  He/she must have A minimum Diploma in Hospitality  Management, Hotel & Restaurant Management or  other related fieldsTwo (2) years of working experience of in a Hospital setting Any other additional qualification relevant to the field is an added advantage SKILLS AND ABILITIES   Deep knowledge of work processes and/or procedures including stress and time management, safety, ability to perform structured tasks Ability to operate machinery and equipment.Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills.Extreme patience and the ability to think and work under stressGood deductive and reasoning skillsMaintain a data base of all meals provided during that shift, and the numbers of special diets Maintain a database of all complaints received from the patients and possibly the nursing personnel. Records of all reports compiled and submitted to the Catering Services Supervisor. Implement all recording and tracing processes to ensure safety of food on transit from the Kitchen to the wards/units Monitor the transport of  food to its destination Manage and Monitor the wastage of food according to the Policies and Procedures of the Catering Service and the Hospital Monitor the cleanliness of the food trolleys Monitor complaints received during the day , investigate and draw up action plans to ensure resolution Monitor rodents and other pests and report to the Catering Services  Supervisor Ensure that the  amount of meals served tallies with the requests placed daily Ensure that all new admissions receive their meals as prescribed. Assist in carrying out monthly satisfaction feedback at ward level Awareness of all equipment manuals and servicing intervals Monitor all  efficiency and safety tests and report any deficits Maintain data base of all pre-planned servicing of equipment and plan the handling of the food provision  around the down time so that the clinical areas are not inconvenienced Monitor all temperatures daily of the fridges according to the Infection Control and Prevention Guidelines. Monitor cleanliness of all equipment according to the Infection Control and Prevention Guidelines, Monitor all storage of foodstuffs, daily Monitor training periods of personnel with particular emphasis on the correct handling of the equipment Liaise with the Catering Services Supervisor/ Hostess Supervisor when emergencies arise.     4
2. Cooks.                                                EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE  He/she must have a minimum Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management or  other related fields.He/she must have Two (2) years of working experience of in a Hospital setting Any other additional qualification relevant to the field is an added advantage   SKILLS AND ABILITIES   Knowledge of work procedures, safety, planning and organisation He/ She must have Satisfactory record of continuous professional development Ability to operate machinery  and equipment Qualifications in a health related field Quality Management/ Assurance and/or Risk Management in Healthcare are an added advantage Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills.Extreme patience and the ability to think and work under stress Good deductive and reasoning skillsLiaison with the Dieticians for  all patients to ensure meeting the menus meet the  minimum dietary requirements especially those  requiring special diets or the mixing of special fluid diets Expenditure incurred in accordance with the approved budget and Hospital policy. Kitchen equipment appropriately utilised to ensure ongoing performance over its useful life. Monitor Equipment safeguarded in line with asset management requirements, as determined during the annual asset count. Replacement material, stationery and parts (e.g. toners, paper, and staples) promptly requisitioned to prevent equipment shut-downs or under-performance. Day to day issues and problems resolved, including management of complaints, in accordance with Hospital standards. Ensure that all Data on activity, including key performance indicators, recorded accurately and accessible to members of the multi-disciplinary team. Operational reports analysed and provided to the Supervisor by the 5th of the subsequent month. Monitoring of all cleaning processes to ensure a high level of hygiene Monitoring the health of the personnel to prevention contamination of the food. Preplanned service for all pieces of equipment to prevent mechanical failure Developed plans for catering for the patients in any emergency situation Managing the Kitchen stock levels controlled and maintained. First in  First out (FIFO) rotational systems maintained Ensure that Policies and Procedures detailing specifics for the Catering Services to be emphasized to all personnel Mandatory signatures on all attendance registers for In-service Training and Induction and Orientation lectures/Programmes attended Monitor the Data base kept of all inspections by the Maintenance Division checking on fly screens and Ultra -violet  lights Ensure that All cold storage rooms, deep freezers fitted with safety mechanisms to prevent injury and death by freezing Ensure that All personnel are inspected to ensure their compliance with the utilisation of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) Monitor the Data base kept of the temperatures of the fridges and freezer and cold rooms Information kept of the spoilages and cost of food destroyed due to temperature failures Maintain daily food schedules of use for costing Regular inspections of smoke and burglar alarms    3
3. Catering Manager.                                                EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE  1.He/she must have a minimum Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management, Hotel and Restaurant or  other related fields. 2.He/she must have Minimum of 5 years post qualification experience in a tertiary or quandary hospital   3.Additional qualification in advanced food hygiene 4.Evidence of ongoing professional development in relevant area of speciality. 5.Management qualification or equivalent experience is an added advantage   SKILLS AND ABILITIES   1.Up to date knowledge of current professional/technical issues. 2.Experience of audit / research based business practice. 3.Experience of resource management. 4.Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. 5.Computer skills including the ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point. 6.Experience of analysing detailed information. 7.Organisational and time managementAwareness of policies and procedures governing Supply Chain Management. Awareness and knowledge of the management of catering Management. Awareness of all facets of the Management Services portfolio leading to the delivery of quality catering services provided efficiently and cost effectively, at the agreed quality and according to client requirements.  Coordination of staff and activities within the Management Service to facilitate ongoing collaboration, coordination and integration of activities and the achievement of Services Unit objectives.  Services actively managed and directed across the Hospital to ensure that the support required for excellent patient care is delivered to a consistently high standard.  All budgets within the Management Service are reviewed, trend analysis undertaken and remedial action implemented to ensure budgets balance at stipulated periods and at the end of each financial year. At all times adherence to the applicable professional body, the applicable code of professional conduct, Hospital policies, with protocols and guidelines maintained.  Patient care standards met at all times. Comprehensive knowledge of Infection Prevention and  Control and Health and Safety Policies and Procedures Attendance at appropriate Committees Appraisals and the setting of objectives for management Service staff conducted to enable them to achieve optimal effectiveness and to understand their contribution to the Service Unit and Hospital. Appropriate induction programmes available and utilised for all new staff within the Management Service. Relevant technically based teaching programmes in place and accurate training records maintained.  Relevant training and professional education received by all staff.  Staff attendance assured and training provided where appropriate on mandatory training sessions Attendance monitored via mandatory registers Job profiles and performance plans approved and signed for all posts and incumbents. Activities pertaining to the functions of the Management Service planned, organised and controlled. Information disseminated to all stakeholders (subordinates, managers, etc.) and activities reported on as required. Cost centre expenditure approved; in accordance with the relevant budget allocation; and reported on as required. Ensure that All Management Services resources efficiently, effectively and economically procured, administered, maintained and disposed of in accordance with Hospital prescripts. Conducting the Annual performance reviews and appraisals        1

How to Apply: Join us and take on the challenge to provide Patient Cantered Care.

Qualified candidates should send their cover letter, curriculum vitae, academic credentials, National ID, Recommendation letter from a previous employer and criminal record to the link mentioned above by August 17th, 2023.

KFH, R is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.



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