24 weeks (5 months) preterm Twins survive for the very first time at King Faisal Hospital.

Kigali, Rwanda- 18th November 2019, a Team of King Faisal hospital pediatricians saved for the first time in its history a set of 24 weeks premature twins born with around 600gms. The babies were born preterm due to their mother’s severe preeclampsia (a condition where the pregnancy induces high blood pressure which goes higher to threaten the life of both the mother and unborn babies).
According to Dr. Nkuranga John Baptist, a Neonatologist at King Faisal Hospital; “The survival of these babies was a result of teamwork. There are few preterm babies born this early that can survive in our setting even worldwide. Current evidence supports less or minimal invasive extreme preterm baby’s management and we at KFH are embracing such “Evidence Best Practices”. This shows that we can do so much for preterm babies without necessarily using complex technology that may not be available.”
Lessons learned from these twins and previous extreme preterm who survived to discharge is that appropriate implementation of such basic evidence-based practices has improved the hospital survival rates of such very small and fragile babies over the years. Important to note that for the past seven (7) years, KFH received and managed about four hundred and ninety-eight (498) preterm babies with impressive survival rates. Key interventions are; optimizing non-invasive interventions, infection control, appropriate temperature management and use of Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) which keeps their lungs open so that their breathing can be helped coupled with the exclusive use of breast milk. This has helped preterm babies survive way beyond available resources and imagination.
“The twins are positively responding to treatment, progressively gaining weight with the larger twin weighing 1.8kg while the smaller weighs above 1.3kg. We screened their brain and eyes and so far, they don’t have any major complication which indicates that they are going to have a good long-term outcome. Their response to treatment is not different from any-where they could have been treated in the world, in terms of how they are doing now and long-term prediction.” said Dr. Nkuranga John Baptist.
The first milestone of its kind in Rwanda and at King Faisal Hospital, the survival of these babies demonstrates the advancement of clinical expertise, teamwork and professional commitment in our health care services. The hospital is committed to continuing reducing preterm births and better care of babies born too soon. The hospital is proud to join Rwandans and the rest of the world to celebrate “The World Premature Day on the 17th November 2019.
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